Shocking Wedding Day Discovery: Bride Finds Groom Being Breastfed by His Mother

A makeup artist’s harrowing tale of a bride who almost called off her wedding has recently come to light. The reason? The bride discovered her husband-to-be being breastfed by his mother on their wedding day. The story was shared on the Unfiltered Bride podcast by host and wedding planner, Georgie Mitchell, who had been told the story by a makeup artist she previously worked with, referred to as ‘Jenny.’

According to Georgie, Jenny had just finished doing the bride’s hair and makeup when the bride had to use the restroom. Once inside, the bride saw something so shocking that it was almost enough to end the wedding. Georgie’s co-host, Beth, initially guessed that the groom was cheating on the bride with another woman, but Georgie revealed the truth was much worse.

The bride had caught her groom being breastfed by his mother. Beth was stunned and asked why the bride would want to marry a man who still breastfeeds, to which Georgie replied that the bride didn’t know her partner did this. When Beth asked why the mother was still producing milk, Georgie speculated that she must have been continuously breastfeeding to reach this point.

Despite this revelation, the wedding still went ahead, and the planner joked that nobody would want to kiss the groom. A clip of their conversation was uploaded to TikTok and has garnered over 730,000 views. Many viewers were horrified by the story, with one person remarking that it “took ‘mummy’s boy’ to a whole new level.”

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