Kia Soul Takes Flight After Collision with Truck Tire on California Highway: Viral Video Goes Wild

On a Californian highway, a Kia Soul was flung into space after colliding with a truck tire, which has caused many viewers to wonder if they are watching a scene from a Hollywood action film. The viral video that shows the wreck has been viewed on Twitter over 10 million times. However, the California Highway Patrol has confirmed that this is not a scene from a new Fast and Furious movie, but rather an actual event.

Testla driver Anoop Khatra captured the footage while driving behind the Kia Soul. The video shows the moment when the truck’s front left tire came off and rolled into the path of the Soul, causing it to launch into the air.

Fortunately, the driver of the Kia Soul only sustained minor injuries, and there were no fatalities. According to KABC-Los Angeles, the cause of the accident was the lugnuts on the tire, which had sheared off.

Over the weekend, Khatra tweeted that the driver involved in the accident was unharmed.

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