Scared Dog Finds Comfort in Rescuer’s Arms: Heartwarming Video

Donna Lochmann, the chief life-saving officer of Stray Rescue of St. Louis, has seen it all when it comes to rescuing scared and lonely pups. However, during a recent rescue mission in North St. Louis, something magical happened.

Lochmann received a call about a dog that had been hanging around an industrial area, and she rushed to the scene. When she arrived, the dog had been corralled into a fenced-in area by some helpful callers, and Lochmann needed to convince the dog to follow her to her Jeep.

Winning the Dog’s Trust

Initially, Lochmann tried to approach the dog, but the scared canine kept moving further away. She barked a couple of times, a clear warning sign that she was not comfortable with Lochmann’s approach. Lochmann knew that she had to gain the dog’s trust from a distance, so she used two of her tried-and-true tools: her voice and some delicious Vienna sausages.

To Lochmann’s surprise, the dog was more interested in her than the sausages. After only one piece of sausage, the dog, later named Cutie Pie, walked straight to Lochmann and nuzzled her head right into the rescuer’s shirt. Then Cutie Pie rolled over and looked up at Lochmann, a clear sign that she had finally found someone she could trust.

Rescue and Recovery

With Cutie Pie’s trust gained, Lochmann was able to place a leash around the dog’s neck and take her to the shelter. Volunteers at Stray Rescue of St. Louis welcomed Cutie Pie with open arms, giving her a much-needed bath and a medical evaluation.

Cutie Pie’s New Life

Cutie Pie is now in a foster home and has become especially close to her new sibling. Lochmann is hopeful that the perfect family will come along, but until then, Cutie Pie is enjoying every day to the fullest.

The touching video of Cutie Pie nuzzling into Lochmann’s shirt has gone viral, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a heartwarming reminder of the power of trust, patience, and love when it comes to rescuing and rehabilitating scared and lonely dogs.

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