The Shocking Reason Why Fans Fear for Shaq’s Health After Hospital Photo

What on earth has befallen the great Shaq? Fans of the NBA legend were left perturbed by a recent photograph that he uploaded to his Twitter account, showing him lying prostrate on a hospital bed. Observers could not help but worry that he had been stricken by some grave affliction while undergoing a medical procedure.

In the snapshot, O’Neal appeared to be slumbering on a colossal bed that was more than spacious enough to accommodate his prodigious frame. He was clutching his mobile phone, as is the wont of almost everyone in this day and age. The caption accompanying his post bemoaned his absence from the company of Ernie Johnson and Candace Parker.

As viewers of NBA on TNT will know, O’Neal has been working alongside both Johnson and Parker for more than a decade on the “Inside the NBA” show, while Parker also graces the Tuesday edition of NBA on TNT. According to the Instagram page @shaqnews and RaphhouseTV on Twitter, the four-time NBA champion recently underwent a hip operation. Although this has yet to be confirmed, both pages used the aforementioned image posted by O’Neal.

However, it is worth noting that both pages had originally published the photo four days earlier. It will be fascinating to discover whether Shaq will appear on the next installment of “Inside the NBA”, since he had been present on the most recent edition just prior to the start of March Madness.

Reactions to Shaquille O’Neal’s hospital post

Fans were deeply concerned after the former Lakers superstar shared an image of himself in a hospital bed. Although O’Neal has not provided any further information, some have been sending him messages of support and wishing him a swift convalescence. Others have seized upon the incident to make jests about the recent allegations that he is shirking the FTX lawsuit.

O’Neal was one of many prominent athletes and celebrities who were implicated in a class-action lawsuit relating to FTX, the cryptocurrency company that went bankrupt last year. According to a lawyer quoted in Forbes, O’Neal has been doing his utmost to dodge the lawsuit, despite the serious allegations leveled against him. It should be noted that Golden State Warriors icon Steph Curry was also named in the lawsuit, as were NFL legend Tom Brady, his ex-wife Giselle B√ľndchen, and actor Larry David.

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