Trump’s Arraignment: Judge Prohibits Video Cameras in Courtroom

In a decision issued by Judge Juan Merchan, it was ruled that no video cameras would be permitted in the courtroom during the arraignment of former President Donald Trump on Tuesday. Trump’s legal team had previously requested that the media’s request for cameras in the courtroom be denied, citing concerns over creating a “circus-like atmosphere” and potential security risks.

Despite this, five pool still photographers will be permitted to take pictures for a brief period before the arraignment formally commences. However, no electronic devices will be allowed in either the main or overflow courtrooms.

Judge Merchan acknowledged the monumental significance of the indictment, stating that never before in the history of the United States has a sitting or past President faced criminal charges. Nevertheless, he argued that he needed to balance competing interests to ensure a fair trial.

Trump, who is facing 34 felony charges for falsification of business records, is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday at 2:15 pm ET. Despite rumors to the contrary, he will not be handcuffed, no mugshot will be taken, and he will not be held in a jail cell.

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