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YouTube Prank Goes Horribly Wrong: YouTuber Tanner Cook Shot by Angry Prankee in Virginia Mall

Tanner Cook, A YouTube prankster’s practical joke went terribly wrong when a prankee shot him in the abdomen in a mall in Dulles, Virginia. The incident, which left Tanner Cook, a 21-year-old prankster from Classified Goons, in intensive care, has raised concerns about the safety of prank videos.

The Shooting Incident

Tanner Cook was filming a prank video with his friend in the Cheesecake Factory in Dulles Town Center mall’s food court when the prankee, Alan Colie, allegedly pulled out a semi-automatic pistol and shot him. According to reports, the bullet pierced Cook’s stomach and liver, and he had to undergo surgery. Cook remains in the hospital, and his family has confirmed that the footage of the incident is now part of the evidence against Colie.

The YouTube Prankster

Tanner Cook is a popular prankster on YouTube, with almost 40,000 subscribers. He regularly posts videos of himself playing practical jokes on unsuspecting members of the public. In his previous videos, he has gone behind the counter at a fast-food restaurant, trailed strangers in stores, and pretended to vomit on Uber drivers.

Safety Concerns

This incident has raised concerns about the safety of prank videos and the ethical implications of pranking strangers for views and likes on social media. While some viewers find prank videos entertaining, the danger of such stunts is apparent. Cook’s prank, which resulted in him being shot, is a stark reminder that pranking can have serious consequences.

The Legal Consequences

Colie, the suspect in this case, has been charged with aggravated malicious wounding, shooting in the commission of a felony, and discharging firearms within an occupied building. While it is not yet clear what sentence he may receive if convicted, the incident has already had severe consequences for both him and Cook.


While the popularity of prank videos continues to grow on social media platforms like YouTube, the incident in Virginia serves as a reminder that pranking can have serious and even life-threatening consequences. It is essential to consider the ethical implications and safety concerns of pranking before attempting any practical jokes in public places. As for Tanner Cook, he remains determined to continue making prank videos, despite his injuries.

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