50 Cent’s Aunt Left “Traumatised” After Witnessing His Manhood in a Sex Scene

50 Cent, the rapper and executive producer, caused quite a stir when his manhood made an unexpected appearance in a sex scene in an episode of Power’s third season. Although he was outraged by the inclusion of the explicit shot, it seems like his auntie was more disturbed by it than anyone else.

The Shocking 50 Cent’s Sex Scene

In the episode titled “Don’t Worry Baby,” 50 Cent’s character, Kanan, has an intimate moment with Candie, played by Natalie Paul. Although the rapper was excited to be on the silver screen, he was not prepared for the inclusion of a full-frontal scene without his consent.

The scene was so explicit that it left his auntie G completely “traumatised.” She was excited to see her nephew on TV, but what she saw was a lot more than she was expecting.

50 Cent’s Outrage

After finding out that his manhood was shown on TV without his consent, the rapper was outraged. He took to Instagram to slam the show’s creators, including executive producer Courtney Kemp. He accused Kemp of leaving in an extremely up-close-and-personal shot of his character masturbating without his consent.

In a series of social media posts, the rapper vented his frustration, saying, “Man, I just saw episode 4 of Power. Courtney, I’m going to kill you. This is not funny. I think I just saw my [eggplant emoji] in a scene. What the f***, Courtney, call my phone NOW!!!”

He also said that the sex scene was hard enough to watch, and accused Kemp of knowing this, since she wrote the scene. He couldn’t believe she included the full-frontal shot without telling him first.

50 Cent’s Auntie G’s Trauma

50 Cent’s auntie G was the one who was truly “traumatised” by the scene. She called her nephew after seeing the episode and said, “Man, what the f*** did I just watch? She’s traumatized. She said she had to get up twice.”

It’s safe to say that Auntie G won’t be tuning in for any future episodes of Power, especially if they feature any more explicit scenes.

50 Cent’s Explanation

In an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, 50 Cent explained that he knew his manhood would be shown in the episode, but he didn’t know just how explicit the shot would be. He claimed that in the original clips, the shot was darker and not on a big screen.

However, Kemp wanted to include the shot and asked him to “take one for the team.” While he may have been willing to do so, he was not prepared for the backlash that came from his auntie G and his fans.

In conclusion, the inclusion of 50 Cent’s manhood in a sex scene in Power’s third season caused quite a stir. While the rapper was outraged by the inclusion of the shot, it was his auntie G who was left truly “traumatised” by the scene. It remains to be seen whether the controversy will have any impact on the show’s future episodes.

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